Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Learning Log 8 9/2 "Surrogates: A Possible Future

The latest offering from Hollywood in the form of a sci-fi action thriller is a movie called Surrogates. The major drawing point of the movie is that people live their lives through a robot created to look like them called a Surrogate. The trailer is below:
From the look of the movie, its is a stinker because the plot is quite predictable (In a future of no crime, someone is killed.......typical), the future in the movie is looks like our present, (If I could get my hands on a surrogate.........(chuckles)), and the main character Bruce Willis plays a Federal Agent, failing to realize that you can never out live being John McLane.
However, I am more focused on the idea of a human being, confining themselves to a control device and living through a surrogate. It would essential take the humanity out of human. Technology in the present is slowly starting to increase the divide between human contact. Cell Phones with Video Chat replace conversations face to face. Text messaging and IM take away the emotions involved with talking to people. I once aggravated several guys over a CD cover that I wasn't charging for, but because you really couldn't tell how I said it and the fact that there was a typo, it ruined my junior year because I was worried about getting jumped everyday on my way home from school, something I already had to deal with. I mean the digital divide hasn't gotten completely out of touch with humanity, as technology helps keep us alive, however the idea of humans using robots to interface with people in place of themselves is strange.
The surrogates would have a place in the world, just not as an everyday application. Military and Police could use them for their services because their line of work involves casualties, so you could cut down on loss. Also, the president, could use a surrogate when going overseas, so that the threat against him. Even celebrities, if the system was fine-tuned enough, could act without even being there. However, there are many cons to this situation. A sort of couch potato effect would take place because you just sit in a chair all day. You do not have physical movement. So whenever you surrogate does fail, you wake up and you're fat. Also, a myspace situation could develop from trying date as a surrogate. For example, you meet a very attractive "woman" and she finds "you" attractive as well, so if you decide to actually meet up in real life, you may find yourself wondering why you asked her out, when her surrogate is a model and the real thing is far from that.
The concept behind surrogates is sound but if it were to come to fruition, the world as we know it will change forever.

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