Wednesday, September 23, 2009

LEarning Log 6: "Xbox 360: Proof That Microsoft Still Fails"

The gaming industry is one of most challenging and money driven industries in existence. Before it was Sony and Microsoft, it was Sega and Nintendo, before that it was Atari and colecovision, even before that commodore 64 (OLD SCHOOL!!!! lol). The latest offerings from this industry are all great but lack something that the others have. This particular system: Xbox 360 is an awesome machine to kill time and procrastinate with. I am the proud owner and operator one that has already become a true Microsoft product: I had to get a replacement because of a fatal error. Fatal Error, sounds awfully familiar. Wait....

That is right, Microsoft somehow got the magic of the blue screen of death onto their Xbox platform. Called the Three Rings of Death. Pictured below, the rings are a fatal error that has been resolved by being sent back to the manufacturer. I really didn't read into this much but it happened so frequently as well as a bunch of other errors that really made not a bit of sense that I figured out that Microsoft make so much money because of their faulty software. They have cornered the market on repairs, it is incredible that a. this continues to go one and b. why no one seems to have picked up on it. Norman talks about the ease of use and constraints set but an product. Microsoft has a perfect interface, and Xbox 360 is the easiest system to set up and use, even the online package is a cakewalk to activate. The fact that they do is really ingenious and super capitalist, glad the Soviets don't exist or we wouldn't be their biggest fans, like they ever were. The interfaces are perfect but the inner workings are shotty. My solution would be to combine the pure power of macintosh with microsoft's user friendliness and wide array of software and create a dependable, blue screen and red ring friend, system for everyone.


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