Tuesday, December 1, 2009

BMW SIMPLE CONCEPT "Motorcycle alternative

First off, Kanye West isn't as big of a jackass as I thought we has because this little gem came from his blog. This vehicle called the "Simple concept" a misleading name if I ever read one. Its a three wheeled vehicle, a trike if you will, that leans as it moves, like a motorcycle. It has decent an electric motor and boasts a 120 mph top speed, and since its a BMW I think that speed is actually attainable. The shock factor: it can make 60 miles on a half a gallon of gas. Half a gallon, that not even close to being a guzzler. I see this vehicle being practical for people who need a way to get around and doesn't mind riding in something resembling a jet cockpit. Personally, I want one of these cars just so I can hug corners and have the car lean with me, unlike my current car. This should be a car for Philadelphia because the streets are narrow and parking sucks, unless you ride a bicycle. The car is small, nimble, and probably can be parked in spots that Mazda Miatas wish they could fit in. If these things were supercharged and boasts BMW's signature speed, I could see these little machines pulling over speeders on the highways. This is definitely a great way to cope with shrinking urban environment where cars cramp every corner of the street. THe Simple concept can help alleviate that.

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