Monday, October 26, 2009

October 14 Show and Tell

The object I picked for the show and tell is the FujiFilm Real 3D W1 camera. This particular camera is important because it is one of the first cameras to utilize realtime three dimensional viewing of images.

The camera's styling is very smooth, and the edges are rounded, easily fitting in one pocket for portability while boasting 10 megapixel shots and a shooting style that utilizes two lenses instead of one.

The image above is interesting as it was taken by a single lens camera. But the viewer eyes are supposed to affix to the left and right images, causing them to converge and create a 3D view that changes with the views motion.

The link above will take you an example of the 3D viewing which I see as monumental and innovative. This technology can allow someone to experience a place without being there. The applications for this are numerous. The angling of these shots can converge into a large 3d image by taking multiple shots and compositing them together. Technology like this is leading to another realm of interfacing with people and the world.

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